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13th July 2024 

About me

I trained at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation, Kensington, London. WPF Therapy is highly regarded as one of the leading psychoanalytic and psychodynamic training centres in the UK. My training was eclectic, this enables me to draw on the major disciplines, both classic and contemporary, in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic practice as needed for each person I see.

I am experienced in working with people from all walks of life, ages and sexualities.

I have a special interest in Jungian Psychology and this is reflected in the way I work. I believe our personal conflicts are indicators of a need to find health and meaning in our lives. I work with dreams, fantasies and any symbolic material such as art and literature to help in this process, sometimes the work will include spiritual themes.

All your communications to me are confidential. I believe it is important that you feel safe to talk about thoughts, feelings and experiences you may not have felt able to reveal to anyone else.

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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy & Counselling in Herne Bay, Kent.